Friday Couple's Scramble (Divorce Golf)

Enjoy an affordable and fun way to share a great Friday evening with your favorite partner.

Couple's Scramble is a 4-Person, alternating-shot Scramble. The men tee off on the designated odd or even-numbered holes, and the women tee off on the alternating holes. 

Following the tee shot, play alternates between the men and women using the best shot from the two men. Play continues in this alternating fashion until the hole is finished.  Cost is $20.00 per couple.  Golf Cart rental is $11.00 per couple. 

There are also flag prizes on each of the nine holes. Golfers sign up to play each flag individually in the Clubhouse prior to the start of play. Flags are $.50 per hole, and golfers can pick and choose which flags they want sign up for. Flags are paid at the end of the night, with 100% of money paid for that flag paid out to the winner.

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