Club Rules and Regulations for Golfers

All golfers must adhere to the following dress code, if not you will be asked to leave the Golf Course:

  • • PGA rules apply to all Golf attire.
  • • Men shall wear shirts with sleeves and slacks, jeans or shorts.
  • • Muscle or cutoff shirts and cutoff shorts are not acceptable.
  • • Women shall wear shirts with or without sleeves and slacks, jeans or shorts.
  • • Spaghetti straps, tube tops, low cut blouses, bikini bottoms, short shorts and cutoff shorts are not acceptable.

Alcoholic Beverages:

  • • Players must understand that our alcohol policy is based on Nebraska Statutory law. If circumstances warrant, violation of these policies may lead to the reporting of the offending golfer to law enforcement authorities.
  • • Alcoholic beverages must be purchased and consumed on the premises, as state law requires. You may NOT, under any set of circumstances, bring alcoholic beverages purchased off-premises onto Hastings Elks Country Club property. This is a violation of Nebraska law. If circumstances warrant, the violation will be reported to law enforcement authorities. We reserve the right to ask offending golfers to leave the premises; and we further reserve the right to suspend offending golfers from entering the premises for a period of time to be determined by the Board of Trustees. No refund of monies paid for memebership or golfing will be issued due to a suspension or revocation based on violation of state liquor law.
  • • The club reserves the right to refuse service of any alcoholic beverage to any person.


If you are playing as a fivesome, we ask that you show good golf etiquette, and follow a few simple guidelines:

  • • If a smaller group catches you, let them play through.
  • • Be aware of your pace of play - a fivesome can become quite slow if multiple golfers search too long for lost balls or take an unusual amount of time lining up shots and putts.
  • • Remember there can be no more than TWO golfers per cart - a fivesome will require three carts.

Golf Carts:

  • • If a Golf cart is brought on to the course that is not stored here, an applicable trail fee will be paid.
  • • Only those with a valid driver's license are allowed to rent or drive a Golf Cart.
  • • Rental carts shall carry a maximum of two players, and two sets of clubs.
  • • All power carts must stay a minimum of thirty feet from greens and outside of restricted areas.
  • • Carts shall use cart paths whenever possible and follow cart signs. Persons with a valid handicap permit are exempt from this rule, but are asked to follow good golf etiquette in the placement of their carts.
  • • Power Carts are not to be driven on the Teeing area of the Driving Range.

Golf Etiquette:

  • • In order to promote faster play, limit strokes on any one hole to five over par, and play ready golf.
  • • Good golf etiquette must be practiced at all times: let faster golfers play through, however this does not mean that singles and twosomes have that absolute right. If you wish to play through ask politely. The group in front of you may be new to the game and we do not want to discourage them from coming back to the ELKS. All holes must be played in order, there will be no "skipping" or "jumping over holes" allowed.
  • • Repair all divots on greens, tee boxes and fairways. Those using Carts please take sand & seed bottle located inside cart shed doors to fill those divots on the fairway, there are bottles already on the Tee boxes.

Miscellaneous Policies:

  • • On a 9 hole round, Five holes completed shall be considered a full round played.
  • • All players must have their own bag and clubs.
  • • Tee times will be available to members of the course no more than seven days in advance.
  • • Tee times will be available to the general public no more than three days in advance.
  • • Water from sprinkler heads is not drinkable.


U.S.G.A. Rules govern play, except as modified by Local Rules.

Local Rules:

  • • Drainage ditch on #1 played as casual water when unplayable. Free drop, no penalty.
  • • Hazard areas marked with red-capped stakes. Line-of-flight drop, one stroke penalty.
  • • Out of Bounds: Outside perimeter of course as marked by white stakes.
  • • Environmental areas marked with green-capped stakes. Played as lateral hazard, one stroke penalty, nearest point of release. DO NOT ENTER environmental area with any carts.
  • • To speed play, hit provisional ball when in doubt.
  • • Play must begin on Hole #1 or Hole #10, except for special events.
  • • Shirts and shoes are required at all times.
  • • No steel spikes allowed.
  • • Each player must have their own bag and clubs.
  • • Power carts must stay outside restricted zones around greens and where marked.
  • • Keep pull carts off tee boxes, fringes and greens.
  • • Repair all divots and ball marks.
  • • Use good golf etiquette, which includes letting faster players through.
  • • It is the player's responsibility to cease play if lightning is in the area! Neither the Hastings Elks Country Club, nor its employees, assumes any duty or obligation to cease play in the event of lightning.
  • • All golfers must register at the Clubhouse and pay the appropriate fees before beginning play.
  • • Clubhouse personnel may start golfers on Hole #1 or #10. Please do not start play on back nine before 8 a.m.
  • • Because Tee times are scheduled on both Holes #1 & #10, and in order to have continuity of play, ALL GOLFERS must check in at the Clubhouse for a turn time before starting their second nine holes.
  • • Fivesomes shall be the standard of play on this golf course. Exceptions will be at the discretion of Clubhouse personnel. If the golf course is not busy, Clubhouse personnel may allow fivesomes on the course.
  • • Once on the Golf Course, golfers may not combine into groups larger than a fivesome.
  • • All nine-hole rounds must be played in two hours or less, some singles and twosomes will play 9 holes in an hour or little over an hour. At peak times, to ensure continuity of play, Clubhouse personnel may combine twosomes and singles to make foursomes.
  • • All holes must be played in order, there will be no "skipping" or "jumping over holes".
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